Dr. Jacob Skiwski
Children’s Health Center of Columbus

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Mississippi Doctors is a professional community website, which brings together doctors, patients and hospitals in the state of Mississippi.

If You’re Trying to Conceive, Act as If You’re Pregnant Now

By the time you learn you’re pregnant, your baby’s already been growing for weeks, if not a few months. So why wait to change those habits you know may be harmful during pregnancy. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you try to conceive.

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Wellness & Advice

TelEmergency Network

provides vital link to rural hospitals during times of trauma.

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Medical News

Baptist Awarded Gold Seal

Baptist has earned Gold Seal for breast cancer, acute coronary syndrome, heart failure and outpatient diabetes.

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Mississippi Doctors is a professional community website, which brings together doctors, patients and hospitals in the greater Mississippi area. 

Mississippi Doctors' Practice Profiles provide in-depth information regarding Mississippi area medical doctors and medical practices as well as dentists and dental practices. 

Mississippi health care is profiled in Mississippi Doctors Hospital Profiles, detailing each Mississippi hospital. 

Directories include contact info for Mississippi Doctors, Mississippi hospitals, and other Mississippi medical and health facilities. 

Mississippi Doctors also provides important Mississippi health resources, shopping for medical products and services, and medical careers in Mississippi. 

Mississippi Doctors e-newsletter, Wellness Weekly keeps Mississippi patients up to date on medical news and Mississippi area health events.

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